Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cutting Back

Times are tough, and I haven't talked about it here much, yet, but if you have ever read any other blogs about kids with special needs, or if you are reading this, chances are you know first hand, that all of the therapies, equipment, medical bills, special diets, etc., etc. are not cheap.

So, like everyone else, we are trying to curtail our discretionary spending. No more fancy kid-themed hair salons for this boy. Being frugal is doing nothing to improve my scissor skills, however, so I enlisted the help of the best jack-of-all-trades that I know... Grandma. Cousin Maren was the willing assistant. She asked if she could cut his hair, and when we refused, she volunteered to be the official comb dipper (in water) but that still was too risky, so she agreed to just distract Fletcher when necessary.

The First Cut with Maren Assisting by Putting on Chapstick
(the girl is a chapstick fiend)

Not Too Worried About Fletcher's Tentative Expression but the Help's is a Little Concerning

Not Too Shabby, Thanks Grandma!

Check out those Molars

While we had to clean up our mess afterward, and there was no cool pink camo smock for me to wear while I held him (in fact, as you may have noticed, his Child-Rite seat did a pretty good job positioning him at first, although to get the back I did have to hold him), overall I think it was worth saving the 25-or-so bucks.


Melanie said...

I love the photos! He looks like he did a great job!

I hear ya about cutting costs! Don't turn on the heat for a month that'll save you tons! LOL just kidding. Although it has crossed my mind on a few other things! tee hee he

Adam and Andrew said...

she did a great job on his cut!! He looks adorable!!

katzlowe said...

He looks great...good job, Grandma!

Bird said...

I used to cut my hubby's hair, and I wouldn't dream of taking Charlie to a professional. I just wouldn't want to deal with explanations and whatnot.

Fletcher is looking very adult in those last pictures. Amazing how fast they grow, huh?

Anonymous said...

She did a great job! (I know someone already said this.) But it's true! I esp like the last photo!

I've been cutting my husband's and son's hair for 15 years. Have saved LOTS of money! I refuse to learn to cut my own, 'though! lol.

When the weather's good we do it outside - less to sweep-up!

Catherine Evans said...

I've been chasing Max around w/ scissors...just hacking little bits here & there. Let's say it doesn't look like a true haircut, but it does look marginally better than before. And, knock on wood, no injuries to either of us so far. Maybe I could enlist my mom to cut his hair???

I can't believe how BIG Fletcher looks. So handsome!