Monday, January 19, 2009


A couple of days ago I was steam cleaning the carpets and washing the windows in my family room, which adjoins to Fletcher's playroom (okay, so I was really reading blogs and eating the dinner my husband had prepared for us) when I overheard Trevor and Fletcher doing one of Fletcher's favorite activities... playing with puzzles. So I grabbed my camera and started trying to take a couple pictures on the sly.

I purposefully tried to stay unnoticed as recently a couple of people have commented on what a ham Fletcher is for the camera and I personally thought it was just because usually I am making a fool of myself and acting really goofy behind the lens so he would focus and smile. As you will see from the third picture below, my theory was proven wrong.

Laughing with Daddy after Knocking Out the Square Shape

This is Fletcher's Favorite Puzzle
(it is a Melissa & Doug puzzle I found either at Target or US Toy--the simple shapes with bright colors helps him focus and not be visually overwhelmed while the big knobs are easier to grab or knock off)

Guess Who Just Noticed the Camera

Fletcher has a unique way of playing with his puzzles. In fact, if you didn't know him better you may think that he is randomly batting at the board and just coincidently knocking the pieces out. Due to either his possible CVI or the persitence of his ANTR (or, according to ABR principles, the misalignment of his shoulder blade and clavical) he will look at the board, and then many times look away in order to raise his arm to the proper position to get to the puzzle piece. But if you take the time and really observe him closely, it is fairly clear that he is intentionally targeting and pulling out or batting out the pieces one by one. This is more obvious as his motor skills improve and he is more often grabbing than batting. And he gets so excited doing it. It really is cute. Man, I need to take the time to figure out how to post a video.


Angela said...

This is Jack's favorite puzzle too! Jack does the exact same thing with looking away and looking back. At times it seems he needs to look away to be able to concentrate on something else. Like if he's listening to what's going on you'll see him visually "tune out" so to speak. I can't believe how grown up Fletcher is these days -- oh and I do love the hammy side ;)

Melanie said...

He is oh so cute, and yes I agree hammin' it up. So who does he take after you or daddy? :)

Hope all is going well. Have to let you know that I laughed out loud when I said you were actually reading blogs. The sentence before that I was like Gosh, she's good, I hate cleaning!!

katzlowe said...

He's a little smartie! Love the update...and the boy!

Bird said...

As Charlie gets older, I realize more and more how intentional his movements are. It's just hard to tell because his eyes aren't always doing what I expect them too.

I wish Charlie was a camera ham. He hates the flash, so I have to do all kind of things to get him to smile and he still almost never looks.

Jessica said...

that interesting about how he move the puzzle pieces. I have been noticing lately that things Paxson's doing lately are often more intentional then they seem at first glance. Thats really cool, I'm gonna look for one of those puzzles.

Ellen said...

Max has similar Doug & Melissa puzzles! I think they are so great, for OT and cognitive reasons, too.

The camera loves Fletcher!

Marcela said...

How FUN! We have a puzzle like that for Nathan and he really loves it too. He has no luck really moving the pieces but he tries anyways :-) I love that you are posting more and I hope you keep it up!

therextras said...

Your ability to see Fletcher's intentions is so important. Kuddos!

Fletcher's photo is next to the word cute in the dictionary. hehe.