Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sick of 2009

Well, not so much sick of 2009, as sick in 2009. Yes, I have spent the first week of the New Year under the weather. Thankfully Fletcher, while being a little more "touchy," has done a decent job of avoiding catching my stomach bug (well, now that I think about it, he hasn't escaped completely, as he has vomited up two of his last three dinners, but it really hasn't seemed to have bothered him too much). Funny how I completely forgot that fact until now... but before you judge me a negligent mom, you've got to realize that Fletcher has chronic reflux, so spit-up doesn't even reach my radar.

Thus, while I would really like to do a great post about 2009 and all of the promise and excitement it is sure to bring our family, I simply do not have the energy. So, instead, I have been inspired by some other blogs to share some cute out-takes from our Christmas card photo shoot (and that way I don't have to be creative and come up with things like complete sentences).

Excited to Start the Shoot

Never Turn Your Back on a Cat
(much less three wearing mittens)

The Talent Starts to Protest

Fletcher's "New" Pony Walker
(here's a New Year's Resolution... learn to move this thing!)

Aww, Such a Sweet Face


katzlowe said...

Love those!

Sara said...

These pictures are so cute! They really show how much Fletcher is turning into a little boy. Must be the new haircuts!