Sunday, March 1, 2009

Second Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of the day we got to bring our precious baby boy home from the NICU, exactly three months after his birth and two weeks before his due date.

Many people talk about how the most nerve-wracking car ride of their life is the one bringing their newborn home from the hospital. I say try bringing home a 4 pound three-month-old who can barely fit in the car seat and is on supplemental oxygen and an apnea monitor!

And lest you feel like I am exaggerating about barely fitting in the car seat, here is a picture from what us NICU grads know as the "car seat test." Notice how the chest buckle is right up against the crotch-latch. The baby has to sit in the seat and not set off an alarm (apnea or bradycardia) for the greater of an hour or the length of your commute home. Our nurse commented on how serious Fletcher looked during this trial. I had to remind him that us Smykays take our tests seriously (which is even funnier if you know my husband).

Today is also a big day for Smykeeney Baby. A link to her blog is in the right-hand margin, so go check it out!


Ellen said...

That look on Fletcher's face is priceless. Really.
That is one crazy ride home from the NICU. Poor little guy. Congrats on this wonderful milestone--Fletcher has come SO FAR!!!

Our little Miracles said...

It's so hard to believe how small they still are when they come home from the NICU. I just want you all to know that Fletcher's story was one of the first I read while Braden was in the NICU. Fletcher gave us hope every day that no matter what Braden was going to have a great life. Thank you so much for sharing his story. :-) He is truley an inspiration.

Melanie said...

He is so serious looking!! He is so tiny too. I am sure many more anniversaries to come will bring many happy memories also!!

paula said...

I'm "Our little Miracles" sister and read you posted today on Braden's blog, and then read about your babies, and just wanted to hug! I am hoping my sister does have more children, and knowing your going through it just makes me weepy with faith in your courage. Take care! Baby blessings!

Kim Schworm Acosta said...

I remember hearing about that car-seat test at the time--crazy! Your world is so full of details that only moms in a similar situation can fully understand, so I'm so glad you have found friends online, at ABR sessions, etc. Also, I can understand why you Facebook requested my birthday ... I don't know how you stay on top of so much info and research--I guess that is the Missouri scholar coming out in you! Big hugs to you, Trevor and, of course, Fletcher!

K D said...

Congrats on the milestone!

I found you through one of the CP yahoo groups. I am in a KC suburb and have a 17 month old daughter with similar challenges.

I would love knowing someone local close in age to K. who is going through what we are!

AshleyS said...

He is concentrating so hard on passing the test!!! I love seeing these throwback pics--reminds me we aren't the only ones!!