Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Electric Wave Therapy

Miss Kim (do you love it that I am calling you that?) asked a question in her comment to the last post that I thought I would answer, thereby encouraging any questions and more comments to these posts, as I really enjoy reading comments and hearing from readers (hint, hint).

She asks what exactly is Electric Wave Therapy? Basically, and I say basically because I have a very basic knowledge of the concept, it is electrical muscle stimulation. It seems like a passive activation of muscles in Fletcher's upper arms and thighs. I did a quick search and found this explanation in a very reputable medical text (ha).

In any case, even if it has no benefit, it doesn't hurt Fletcher (Mike next door tested it out) and in fact Fletcher seems to enjoy it, or at the very least is indifferent. Each application (arms and legs) is 20 minutes and I usually hold him during the session and we read or play his video game, but sometimes I lay him down on the bed to mix it up a bit, as I did in this riveting video.


Kimberly said...

Thanks! Love the leg warmers. Not sure he is going to appreciate that when he is 16!!

Rosetta said...

Jason's chiropractor does the electric wave therapy on Jason's back. He enjoys it because it makes his back muscles relax and feel better.

audders said...

Hi Erin and Fletcher,
I just wanted to let you know I have been keeping up with your blogs lately. The pictures are great and I love seeing Fletcher. I wrote a large comment before but it was lost I hope this one works, keep the news coming. Audrey

katzlowe said...

Since you enjoy comments, you must feel pretty lucky when I accidentally click twice. Then my comment gets published twice. I'm a goofball! Thanks for the update and video. Hugs to Fletch!

Norma said...

I miss you.


Norma said...
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beth said...

I just had to comment on you mom's comment "how typical norma"


Erin Robbins said...

What...wikipedia isn't reputable? That's where I get all my info. Ha. Thanks for the information and thanks to "Miss Kim" for asking the question. :)

Toni said...

I've been following your blogs for Fletcher and his soon to arrive little sister. Your family's story is so inspirational! I admire your commitment, strength and endurance. You and Trevor are amazing! God has truly blessed you with many gifts, which, of course, include your precious Fletcher! Keeping you in my prayers, Toni