Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevor

Another patient's father figured out a way for me to access the blog, but I can't post pictures or videos or fix the layout. So, I will try to put up some basic posts and jazz them up a bit when I get home.

In the meantime I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my husband! Johnny helped me order a cake and we celebrated this afternoon with the other families on the unit. A group of us are also planning to go out tonight to a local restaurant, which, from what I have heard, gives a whole new meaning to fresh seafood (Mike, it is the restaurant you ate at with Simon).

Check out that Cake... Tasted as Good as it Looked

Birthday Boy Cutting the Cake

As I mentioned above, that night a group of us went to dinner. An interpreter planned on going with us, but was detained at the last minute, so instead an intern who was helping out at the unit to practice his English came along, which proved to be a little more, um, interesting. I think we figured out pretty much what everything was we were eating, and if not, I don't want to know.

There may have been a large communal dinning room at this restaurant, but we didn't see it. Instead we were shown to one of many private rooms. There were no menus. Rather, we were led to a large room containing the food we were to eat... raw, uncooked, and in some cases, still alive. You write your order down on a sheet and give it to the chefs, who then prepare it and serve it family style.

Fish Tanks on the Left and Sample Plates on the Right

About as Fresh as You Can Get

Unless It is Still Swimming Like This Guy

Some of the Many Unidentified (and Untranslated) Objects

Each Table has a Huge Lazy Susan and Everyone Helps Themselves (by the way, that is snake in the bottom left... tastes like really boney chicken)

Enjoying New Food, New Experiences, and New Friends


Sara said...

Happy Happy Birthday Trevor! Did you know they fish for their own seafood at the Chinese Wal-marts? That way it's the freshest. WalMart had to change their business a little bit to fit into China's market. Hope it's yummy!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Trevor! I miss you guys!

K said...

生日快樂, Trevor!

Erin Robbins said...

Happy Birthday Trev! Bet you never thought you'd be spending it in China. :) I'll be thinking of you all...good luck with the rest of your time there.

Mike said...

Happy birthday Trevor! I hope dinner was good, the food was excellent when I went there! Please tell me you got a picture of the alligator & its internal organs.

I hope the last treatment went well and the flight home is good. Have a good time flying first-class Erin!

magen said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor. Have a safe trip home-can't wait to see you all. Take care!

magen said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor. Have a safe trip home-can't wait to see you all. Take care!

Katy said...

Sme of that food looks like it belongs at at bachlorette party! My hubby's been all over and he's always said that food in the far East is the craziest.