Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twas the Season

Seems like the Christmas Season came and went in record time this year. Like many others we kicked things off late-November by putting up the tree. Trevor had to catch an early flight out the next morning, so he went to bed early with the kids and I invited my nieces over to watch the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and decorate the tree.

As always, Alexa was a big help.

But I guess I waited too long to start the movie as Maren had crashed on the couch by the time I got done assembling the tree.

The First of December is all about Fletcher's birthday, but by mid-month we got back into the spirit by joining my sister and brother and their families for Santa at T-Rex (yes, the same place we had Fletcher's party). For any in-town readers, I highly recommend it. They had a pretty good "knee-high" buffet which was set up so kids could fill their own plates, and was by reservation only, so while full, it didn't seem too packed. I guess it helped that our party was big enough to fill an entire banquette, giving us our own private nook.

They had raffle prizes and carollers, and the dig-zone was free, but one of my favorite parts had to be Scuba-Santa.

They also had a dry Saint Nick who was not only one of the most authentic-looking Santas I have seen, but he was also very sweet to Fletcher, taking extra time, despite the long line, to tell him he was special and that Santa loved him very much.

Although the sentiment may have been lost on Fletcher as daddy had turned away and Fletch thought he was leaving.

We went to Candlelight Christmas Eve Service in the afternoon, because a blizzard was forecast to hit in the evening, so we spent the night cuddled on the couch with the kids in their traditional Christmas Eve jammies made by Grandma Adams.

Fletcher and I both came down with head colds, which means little sleep for him and even less for me, so Trevor gave me the gift of sleeping in on Christmas morning (which I realize I can only do with little ones who don't quite yet know how exciting Christmas morning can be).

The kids loved opening their gifts, mostly because they both love ripping paper. But the toys were left untouched as Dad wanted to go outside and enjoy the benefits of the White Christmas.

At the starting line (which you may recall from years past, is the top of our driveway).

I think Trevor only took them down together once or twice. The sledding part is fun, but trying to maneuver two kids and a sled up an icy hill/driveway can get pretty dangerous (of course I was there to assist when not playing camera-man).

After sledding and naps, we headed over to Angie's house for dinner with the extended family. Any guesses what Trey wanted for Christmas?

We do have one more extended family party this Saturday, but otherwise that just about sums up Christmas 2009 for the Smykays, except I left the best for last. Fletcher gave me the best belated Christmas gift a couple of days after Christmas. We tried to recreate it tonight after dinner (Chinese, thus the rice grains all over his neck and shirt), and although he had the hiccups and wasn't quite as "on" as he has been the last couple of days, and his accomplishment is kind of overshadowed in this clip by my loud, congested giggling, I think you'll get the gist.


K said...

Wow! What a (darling) little smartie-pants! I can't believe the whole world is asleep. I might have to go wake up my husband and daughter just to share this clip. This post had me smiling from ear to ear before the clip, and then...wow! Just awesome! Such a big boy! Keep it coming Fletch! Really, Merry Christmas...like you said, best ever!

Cjengo said...

aw I have always wanted to go to one of those t rex places, I love dinosaur's...lol! Love the pics.

Katy said...

I just love that gorgeous child! I do so wish Charlie would TRY to talk. I think I'm finally at the point of just letting go of that one. Whatever will be will be.

Melanie said...

I love the whole post but the video at the end just made me smile smile smile!!

Kimberly said...

He rocks!!! I love the picture of him of the sled with other two trouble makers. Great video :)

Shannon said...

I have tears in my eyes Erin.... I just love him so much!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! He has some volume there! Your family Christmas story is gooder'n any storybook.


Amy said...

Did he say more? What a great video! I'm here after your post about HBOT on the CPmoms listserve. I hope you have a good experience with it.
Fletcher is such a cute boy! Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

i'm finally catching up my blogs and its good to see you are all doing so well!! your family looks beautiful and totally family