Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fletcher's First FIRE!

So, I am just plugging away at work when I get an email from my husband, who is at home with the baby. The subject line reads "This is what Fletch and I are doing!!!". Okay, fair enough. Trevor never emails me, but he has been on vacation for the past few weeks and has spent most the time at home alone with the baby while I am at work, so he is probably looking for something creative to do and thought he would share.

I open the email and the body reads "Fletcher's First FIRE!" and I notice there are a couple pictures attached to the email. For a split second I panic, thinking that there would be pictures of our charred house, or at very least the kitchen, when I opened the links.

Instead, this is what I saw...

I will never understand men. I guarantee that Trevor was more excited about this than he was about Fletcher getting his first tooth earlier this month (the glare is bad in this picture but I swear, there is one (actually, even two) popping out of his lower gums, and we've endured the fussing to prove it!).

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Kristyn Colon said...

It's wonderful to see Fletcher so big and happy. It makes my job worthwhile. There are those really tough days when we wonder why we're doing our jobs. Mine has a very clear answer:Fletcher and Lincoln. They made me feel like I had a place to help people. By helping them, they helped me so much more. Keep up the wonderful mommying job and enjoy!