Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I'm not one to dress up, so to celebrate Halloween Fletcher decided to ditch mom and dad and join up with a Pirate Family (also known as my sister Angie, her husband Greg and Fletcher's cousins Trey and Michael).


Lisa said...

How Cute!!! What a great pirate family!

niederkrom said...

So I am surfing the net and I see this cute little Smykay baby. After reviewing the pictures I determine that this baby is far to good looking to be offspring of the Trevor I know!?!? I am thinking Fletcher may be German for "damn lucky to look like my mama"???

Just messing with you guys, but that is a reallly cute baby. I hope you guys are doing well? Please ask Mr Smykay to contact his old buddy Mr Niederkrom when he gets a chance, it would be great to talk with him.