Friday, October 31, 2008

ABR: Fifth and Final Training Day

We practiced and videotaped our final exercise, jaw/larynx, and of course since it was my turn to demonstrate the technique Fletcher decided this was the one time he wouldn't sleep through the taping. Luckily he cooperated and we got some good shots.

The last half of the training session consisted of a wrap-up. Speaking of wrap-up, Marcela does an excellent job of really summarizing what I too feel is the take-away of the week here. The trainers reviewed the key points of the therapy, answered our questions, and discussed administrative matters such as the next training sessions and the satellite logistics (our next three training sessions will be done at their satellite location outside of Dallas). They also talked about the future option of renting an ABR machine that can do some of the exercises as a supplement to the manual technique. It is not available until you have more or less mastered the basics of the technique, and rents for a pretty penny, but it can triple the ABR hours administered, so the potential benefits are substantial.

At the end of the session we had a little time for pictures. We had a great week. It was exciting to learn more about ABR. But equally, the excitement came from meeting some really wonderful people.

Fletcher and Our Trainer Fehim

Moms & Boys

Dads & Boys

Fletcher Taking Nathan's Ormesa Bug Stroller for a Test Ride

Are we glad we did this? Certainly. Will ABR be a cure for Fletcher? No, but as Leonid says, it is an opportunity. I think Fletcher has tons of potential. To the extent it is his structure holding him back from improvements with his motor skills, I am sincerely hoping ABR will help him improve in this area. That way, any gains he makes in motor cognition or skill and any rewiring of the brain from other therapies, or heck, from just living life, will translate easier into functional gains. Only time, and dedication, will tell.

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