Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Furthering the tradition I began last year (which also happens to dove-tail nicely with the fact that I am not really into dressing up for Halloween), Fletcher dressed up in keeping with my sister's family's Wizard of Oz theme. Ironically we actually WERE in Kansas.

Tin Man Trey, Cowardly Lion Greg, Scarecrow Michael, Munchkin Fletch and Dorothy Angie

Representing the Lollipop Guild

Enjoying an Unseasonably Warm Trick-or-Treat with Spider Alexa and Kitty Cat Maren

Hanging out with Mom

Sampling the Costume Prop

Fletcher did love to chew on the lollipop, too bad I was a spoil-sport and never took off the wrapper! I also didn't bring a bag with us when we made the trick-or-treat rounds, because you know who would end up eating all that candy and I have no willpower. Trevor was flying, so he didn't get to participate, but that is why I am being so good at posting these pictures now, so he can see all the fun. Missed you!


Bird said...

Omigosh! Freakin' cutest munchkin ever! You know, I hate it when people bring treat bags for itty-bitty babies. I KNOW that baby isn't gonna eat the candy.

Regarding your post down below, I think Fletcher has a ton of potential too. He so alert and aware. I'm with you--anything that could help Charlie even SOME is worth it.

About the hat. My hubby pointed out that I may want to use the hat when I go to the satellite in Feb. So, I'll bring it along and I'll give it back to you then. Does that sound OK???

Erika said...

How cute! It looks like Fletcher was really enjoying himself!

Melanie said...

OMG!!! He is so cute!!!
Hope you guys had a great halloween!

Kimberly said... win the cutest costume contest! He, once again, is SO DAMN CUTE!!!!

Angie said...

I thought Dorothy was pretty cute too!

Catherine Evans said...

Love the costume, but I can't believe you didn't let him taste the lollipop! I thought the Scrooge only came out at Christmas??? :)