Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dog Wrestling

Fletcher has been taking more of an interest in Zoey lately. He will track her visually across the room and will look around on the floor if you ask him where she is (which is a big deal because he doesn't like to look down without coaxing due to either visual or motor difficulties, it is hard to tell which). In fact, when she is around he pretty much has an eye on her at all times, at least if he is also on the floor, because she has a bit of a licking habit. I know, surprise, surprise, she is a dog after all.

For the past year and a half, we have done a decent job of keeping the two separate, as Zoey can get a little over-exuberant with her licking, and being a typical dog who loves to kill and eat squirrels and rabbits and anything she can catch (I mean, that is typical, right? I don't have some blood-thirsty crazed killer living under my roof, do I? I mean, she has only been successful two or three times in the past year), you never know where that tongue has been.

Now that he is almost two, Trevor and I have decided to allow a little more interaction. So Fletcher and Zoey got to play together tonight. Trevor was referee to keep the face-licking to a minimum.

Note that Fletcher is wearing the Babylegs I bought him as part of his munchkin costume. Although I am sure Trevor will protest, I think they are going into the regular wardrobe rotation... they are too cute!


Erin Robbins said...

Such a cute can tell Zoey is just aching to sniff and lick Fletcher's face.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the ABR training. I thought you'd be too busy to keep it up during the training (so didn't check it out until now). Little did I know...procrastinator no more!

Erin Robbins said...

Oh and in response to your post on 10/23, I was just telling my mom about Ashley's pinkie injury the other niece had a run-in with a rogue door and had to have surgery to repair the damage to 2 fingers.

Bird said...

So funny. Charlie sucks at looking up. He can do it, but he doesn't like to and when he does, usually one eye wanders. I think it's gotta be a motor thing, but who knows?

Charlie has become interested in the cat recently. He has NO interest in the dog who hates him and thinks that Charlie was sent to our house to kill him. Buster is a little paranoid.