Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Traditions

Even though his birthday is December 1st, I really consider this Fletcher's second "real" Christmas since he spent his first in the hospital, on a ventilator and drugged with morphine so he wouldn't fight the vent. Last Christmas I was terrified that RSV would land Fletcher right back on the vent, so we more or less hibernated at home.

This year I am feeling a little more confident about Fletcher's respiratory health, so I have decided to begin our Christmas traditions, including a drive through Christmas in the Park, our local Park and Rec's holiday light show, and a trip to see Santa (this year we went with cousins Trey and Michael, so of course we saw Santa at their favorite place-- Bass Pro Shop).

Fletcher Enjoying the Lights

Santa at Christmas in the Park

The Real Santa
(they kept using this horn to try to get the kids to look at the camera, of course this triggered Fletcher's startle reflex)

I convinced them to stop using the horn.

And finally, another action shot from sledding, since the one I posted apparently didn't have enough action for some people. (ha)

And to answer Catherine's question in the comments from the last post: When you sled down your driveway you really can't totally stop yourself from going into the street. We just had to make sure there was no traffic (I played photographer and look out). I would post a video I took of the trip, but I was out of batteries so I had to keep the camcorder plugged in, so all I got was a shot of Trevor's back. But in the video you can hear me telling him that I am against the driveway/street plan all together. But in the end it worked out. They went down the driveway, across the street, over the curb and down the small hill in the park across the street.


Erin Robbins said...

Very cute pics! I'm sure there would have been more "action" if Trevor could have gotten more speed. But, the driveway/street sledding would probably have been vetoed if he was able to go too fast. :)

K said...

Such a handsome little dude. Merry Christmas with a big hug to Fletch!