Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It snowed a few inches last night, and since Trevor is a born-and-bred south Texan, even after a few years of living in the Midwest the first snow of the season is still somewhat of a novelty to him, particularly because Fletcher is now old enough to possibly enjoy playing in it. So, as soon as the weatherman started forecasting snow, Trevor asked me to stop by Target and pick up a sled.

And, today around noon, they got to test it out...

Excited Anticipation

Action Shot

Second Time Down

Do you think Fletch is giving me a dirty look for letting him loose with his maniac dad or for dressing him in that goofy dog hat?

Heading Back In

Close Up of My Adventurous Frozen Boys

For those who have been to my house, you may have recognized the starting line of the sledding adventure as our driveway. Yes, my driveway (with its roughly 20 degree slope) can double as a sledding hill. Made for a fun time today, but as you can imagine, it's not so great when trying to drive up it and into the garage after a snow or ice storm. Fletcher seemed to like sledding, and doesn't mind the cold weather, at least for short periods.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Trevor wasn't able to work up a whole lot of speed, and if you caught a glimpse of Fletcher riding down the two-story inflatable slide at my work party this fall, you know he is a speed demon (actually during his trips down the slide his face revealed a mix of terror and elation, but mostly the latter, at least that is what I assumed since he would squeal with delight when Trevor started climbing the stairs for another trip down the slide).


Erika said...

I love the pictures! It looks like the boys had a fun time!!

Skeeter said...

Great pics!! Looks like your 2 boys had a great time. Love you guys!

Bird said...

All boy, that one is!

How's the baby? Any new updates?

Did you see the pictures of Charlie in the snow? He's wearing the hat you lent us. SO glad I decided to keep it. Charlie's mawmaw is in love with that hat.

Ellen said...

So cute! You reminded me, I need to go get a sled. Assuming we actually get decent snow. The stuff that came down last night is all gone now.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Sliding is such good activity! Great guy time, too.

Merry Christmas!


Bird said...

I just read what you wrote about allergies and I waned to add my un-requested two cents. We do little or no rice since that was SO constipating for Charlie. Also, we purchase a product called Fruit-eze which makes pooping soooo much better. It's like a jelly and we mix it in his morning oatmeal.

Sara said...

Very cute pictures! Looks like fun. Where's your action shot?

PrayforNathan.org said...

Oh my gosh he looks like he had a blast! Way to go for encouraging the fun!

Catherine Evans said...

Adorable! Fletcher looks like the happiest kid in the world. On a practical note...how do they sled down your driveway without going into the street???? Can you tell I grew up in the south and don't understand these things???

Anika said...

I'm going to go with the maniac dad as the reason for the look!

Those pictures ARE GREAT!! He's getting so big! I can't wait to see you guys down here in Texas!