Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheetah Girls

Today we want to wish Cousin Maren a very Happy Fourth Birthday! Maren is the big sister Audrey and Fletcher never had and is great at helping feed Audrey her bottle, singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to both kids, and also makes for a great sous chef when I am scrambling eggs for Fletcher in the morning ("my grandma always lets me stir the eggs in the skillet when it is on the stove," um, sure she does).

A couple of days ago I may have casually mentioned to Aunt Angie, who was on the way to the mall, that Audrey was rapidly growing out of all of her clothes (wink, wink). Well, Aunt Angie, being an excellent personal shopper for all of her nieces and nephew, couldn't let that continue, and showed up at lunch with a bag full of outfits, including this cute cheetah print ensemble.

Apparently Maren must have took special notice because the next day my mom had stopped by a resale shop to look for puzzles and Maren ran straight over to the dresses, found one with a cheetah print, and insisted that my mom buy it so she could match Baby Audrey. Then, as soon as they got home, she called me and asked if I could bring Audrey over so they could both wear their cheetah dresses.

Of course I came right over. Who could resist a photo shoot with such cute models?


K said...

okay, the story behind the outfits makes these pictures just that much cuter. sweet maren, darling audrey! great picture outfits when we get around to it, maybe invite those big girls over too. :)

Katy said...


Erika said...

Pretty girls!!

lifeofthedifferentlyabled said...

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