Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Succumbing to Apple's Siren Song?

I've never been a techie, or a gadget person, or a computer geek, or any other term that may be used for someone up on the latest technological trends. In college and law school, while many of my *cool* friends complained about the PCs in the computer labs (yes, I went to school before everyone owned laptops and there were designated rooms here and there containing a couple of rows of PCs) and insisted on using their own Macs, I couldn't have cared less. Yes, I did have a blackberry for years, through work, but as soon as I stopped working I immediately got a plain phone, no email, no Internet access, in fact, I don't even text.

I am not anti-technology, and I guess by even having a blog I have embraced the technology trend a bit, but I have never had the slightest impulse to get the "latest and greatest" gadget. Which, lately, at least to this layman, seems to revolve around Apple. Nope, no iPhone for me, and no iPod or iTunes for that matter, either.

But, times might be a changing, and I am finding that I may not be able to resist Apple's newest product. I can hardly believe it, particularly as we have been majorly pinching pennies around here, but I am seriously considering getting an iPad... for my three year old.

Before you think I have totally lost my mind, check out this post discussing the impact the iPad may have on the special-needs community. It is so rare to have a mass-marketed device that can also work as a tool for someone with special needs. So exciting!

6 comments: said...

Erin that is really cool! I'm going to have to check that out! Especially if it is accessible with a switch, then I can use it with scanning.
I looked at Proloquo2Go but I just don't see how Nathan could access this, the buttons are tiny and Nathan's hand is mostly fisted, so unless there is some kind of switch or eye tracker, he just wouldn't be able to use it. I can see how it'd e great for a child that has good fine motor control. I'll have to keep an eye out for this!

Katy said...

Gosh. Charlie COULD use touch screen capability, but he isn't near mature enough. I try to let him play with my iPhone and he just wants to stick it in his mouth. Le sigh.

Jennifer said...

haha! Todd and I saw that on NBC nightly news the other night. We were thinking the same thing just like you we do not have ipod, or any else. We just started texting last week and we are like, "Why do people like this? It is so easy to just call them." But texting is great when you are at the movies. It let me text the caregiver watching Tyse on what to do, and Todd and I were able to finish the movie or not a miss a scene without leaving.

Jennifer said...

Oh I forgot to mention. He ended up getting a fever so that is why they texted us.

Janet said...

YES!! The IPad looks amazing. It seems like it would be a great tool for our kids. Love it! I want one too.

Anonymous said...

You mean this isn't texting?

Le doh.

I am immediately impressed with Proloquo2Go, but Nathan's mom is correct that unless the child is pointing, not a good fit. Still, this exact app shows what the potential is for the iPad.

Another important aspect, products and apps that are on the general market are MUCH cheaper than augmentative communication devices (like by one-tenth).

Can't wait to see what you post after you get one.