Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I began my hospitalized bedrest. I had been on bedrest at home for six days (with a one day pass to spend Thanksgiving at my mom's) due to what looked at first to be only elevated blood pressure (or pregnancy- induced hypertension as the docs called it). However, at my follow-up appointment the Monday after last Thanksgiving, I had begun spilling protein and lots of it and the preeclampsia was really coming on strong. I had hoped that I would be on bedrest for weeks, if not months, but as Fletcher's birthday is this Saturday, obviously that didn't pan out.

I try to include a picture or two in each of my posts, but I don't have many during my all too brief stint at bedrest, and those that I do have show one very puffy, exhausted, and terrified woman, so they are not fit to publish. So I will include one of some of the pretty flowers I got to enjoy during my stay.

I have learned a lot in the past year (or in the past 3 years as those who know me understand that I had pretty much become board certified in reproductive endocrinology before Fletcher was even conceived). But one non-medical thing I have learned in this experience is what a difference simple gifts can make. Before I was hospitalized, I didn't really "get" sending people flowers at the hospital, or even sending flowers in general, because they always seemed so temporary. However, when you are laying in a hospital bed (on your left side, of course) with nothing to do but obsess over every blood pressure reading or the rhythm of the fetal heartbeat monitor, having a beautiful, tangible reminder that there are people out there thinking of you really does help. (By the way, if you are reading this and sent me flowers or any gift for the baby and I never got around to sending out a thank you card, please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the flowers/gift/encouraging messages... seems like etiquette was the first thing that I let slide in the micropreemie madness).

Since I wasn't blogging at that time, I am considering tracking back some of Fletcher's NICU stay on the one year anniversary of the actual occurrence, but like most of my blogging ideas, I am not sure it will ever come to fruition. Maybe I will just do the lazy-man's blog post and cut and paste from emails I sent to family and friends as updates throughout Fletcher's stay.