Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Uncle Jay

Trevor and I both have little brothers celebrating their 30th birthdays this month. Since Fletcher did not help his Uncle Jay blow out his candles like he did with Uncle Chad a few weeks ago, I decided to post my favorite picture of the two of them, which I just happened to take on Fletcher's first day home from the NICU. So, see Mom, you can blame Jay for starting Fletcher's bad habit of taking his naps while being held.

Monday, January 19, 2009


A couple of days ago I was steam cleaning the carpets and washing the windows in my family room, which adjoins to Fletcher's playroom (okay, so I was really reading blogs and eating the dinner my husband had prepared for us) when I overheard Trevor and Fletcher doing one of Fletcher's favorite activities... playing with puzzles. So I grabbed my camera and started trying to take a couple pictures on the sly.

I purposefully tried to stay unnoticed as recently a couple of people have commented on what a ham Fletcher is for the camera and I personally thought it was just because usually I am making a fool of myself and acting really goofy behind the lens so he would focus and smile. As you will see from the third picture below, my theory was proven wrong.

Laughing with Daddy after Knocking Out the Square Shape

This is Fletcher's Favorite Puzzle
(it is a Melissa & Doug puzzle I found either at Target or US Toy--the simple shapes with bright colors helps him focus and not be visually overwhelmed while the big knobs are easier to grab or knock off)

Guess Who Just Noticed the Camera

Fletcher has a unique way of playing with his puzzles. In fact, if you didn't know him better you may think that he is randomly batting at the board and just coincidently knocking the pieces out. Due to either his possible CVI or the persitence of his ANTR (or, according to ABR principles, the misalignment of his shoulder blade and clavical) he will look at the board, and then many times look away in order to raise his arm to the proper position to get to the puzzle piece. But if you take the time and really observe him closely, it is fairly clear that he is intentionally targeting and pulling out or batting out the pieces one by one. This is more obvious as his motor skills improve and he is more often grabbing than batting. And he gets so excited doing it. It really is cute. Man, I need to take the time to figure out how to post a video.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas in July

Well, not exactly. We traveled to see some of Trevor's family last week for a belated Christmas visit, but although it was January, they live in San Antonio, so it felt a little like July (at least compared to the freezing temperatures we have been enduring around here for the last month). In fact, we celebrated Trevor's brother's birthday with dinner outside on a restaurant's patio. In January. Other than my dear friends, the winter weather (or lack thereof) tops my list of what I miss about living in Texas. Of course summer is another story.

We had a great time in San Antonio, hanging out at our old haunts and visiting a few new places, too. But most of all, it was nice to just spend time with Trevor's mom, sister and brother and his family. Oh yeah, and eating REAL tex-mex food. Yum.

Fletcher with Grandma Cyndi on "Christmas" Morning

Modeling Matching PJ Pants made by Grandma Cyndi

There is a story behind this picture. Because Fletcher's gross motor skills are hit or miss, I tend to be lax at baby proofing the surrounding area, so to speak. One afternoon we went to lunch at this dive close to my old college campus, and five minutes after sitting down, Fletcher grabs hold of my iced tea and pulls it all over our laps. Of course this was one of the few times I didn't pack a back-up outfit, so we had to throw together this stylish ensemble consisting of a hoodie I stashed in the car for later and a skirt made of his burp cloth (which, by the way, is a super-cute handmade burpcloth made as a set with a receiving blanket by my skilled seamstress friend Sara and given to me at my baby shower, and yes, I am slathering on the praise so she will make me another set for the new baby). Also note the half-chewed bite of beans and cheese in Fletcher's mouth... the kid can't get enough Mexican food, just like his mom and dad.

Daddy, Grandma Cyndi, Fletcher and Aunt Anika after Feasting on BBQ at the Salt Lick in Dripping Springs

Trying out the New Wetsuit

Uncle Chad hooked us up with day passes to the indoor pool at his gym... it wasn't THAT warm outside

Hitting the Dance Floor with Uncle Chad after his Birthday Dinner

Friday, January 16, 2009

Introducing Smykeeney Baby

I have a secret. I know, I already posted about expecting a new addition to the family this summer, but what I didn't mention is that Angie and I have been keeping a blog about the whole process. Originally, the blog was open only to those whom I invited, but since we have been bad about updating it (even worse than I am about updating this blog, if possible) I thought I would make it public and link it to this one, so visitors to the Smykeeney blog or this blog could just check the side bar to see if there have been any new updates on the other. Plus, despite a little news to the contrary we received at her OB appointment earlier today, I am hoping the rest of Angie's pregnancy will be so boring and routine that there will be no further developments unusual enough to blog about.

So, for the latest news on the baby, or if you were ever curious about the ins and outs of a gestational carrier cycle, or even just an IVF cycle for that matter, go on over and check it out. I will warn you, though, that it is a little technical and pretty detailed, because more than anything, I want it to be a record for my own personal reflection, but I thought some of you may like to come along for the ride.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Of course. Fletcher had a bad night last night and vomited 3 times today. All over everything. As long as Trevor and I don't make a big deal about the puke, he doesn't even seem phased by it, though. And apparently my dog thinks baby vomit is a delicacy. I try to keep her away from it, but sometimes between trying to clean up Fletcher, myself, and the couch/chair/floor I am too busy to really care that Zoey is feasting away on--how should I put it--sloppy seconds... is that wrong?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sick of 2009

Well, not so much sick of 2009, as sick in 2009. Yes, I have spent the first week of the New Year under the weather. Thankfully Fletcher, while being a little more "touchy," has done a decent job of avoiding catching my stomach bug (well, now that I think about it, he hasn't escaped completely, as he has vomited up two of his last three dinners, but it really hasn't seemed to have bothered him too much). Funny how I completely forgot that fact until now... but before you judge me a negligent mom, you've got to realize that Fletcher has chronic reflux, so spit-up doesn't even reach my radar.

Thus, while I would really like to do a great post about 2009 and all of the promise and excitement it is sure to bring our family, I simply do not have the energy. So, instead, I have been inspired by some other blogs to share some cute out-takes from our Christmas card photo shoot (and that way I don't have to be creative and come up with things like complete sentences).

Excited to Start the Shoot

Never Turn Your Back on a Cat
(much less three wearing mittens)

The Talent Starts to Protest

Fletcher's "New" Pony Walker
(here's a New Year's Resolution... learn to move this thing!)

Aww, Such a Sweet Face