Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kidwalk Parade

Still no time for a proper update, so I thought I'd share a couple of videos about what we have been up to around here (and when you see the mess of a house I have been keeping in these videos you will understand why I need to do some of the things I will be doing instead of a more in-depth entry).

First, I would like to share some footage from this morning of what I call the Kidwalk Parade. For those PTs who may be reading, please disregard things like positioning and form. We just got the Kidwalk and have been putting Fletcher in it for short periods of time and just trying to have some fun so he'll like it, and then we are going to start working on form, etc. And fun they were having. I took this video about five to ten minutes into the "parade," so Fletcher is starting to drag a bit (literally and figuratively) as is Audrey (just literally... why, I still am not quite sure).

The second video is also from today. Audrey has been pulling up on things for probably less than a week, and this morning I caught her during what I am pretty sure was her first transition from one object to another. Pretty exciting stuff for this momma.