Monday, June 23, 2008

March for Babies

Um, did you really believe me in my last post when I said to check back in a week for pics and an update from March for Babies? Then you must not know me very well. Yes, it is a month and a half later, and I can't claim that this post was worth the wait, but I do have some cute pictures.

Team Captain

Partial Team Picture of Team Smallest Smykay

Cool Guy Sporting New Shades

Fletcher's Sign on Baby Boulevard

Cousins Trey and Alexa
(check out their cute "Mini Fletch" Buttons)

Action Shot

This was a great event. The weather was terrific, the venue (the new Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City) was perfect, and there was loads of food and fun activities for the kids. Fletcher was perfectly behaved and believe it or not slept the entire walk as he did during the Trolley Run. The upholstery of my jogging stroller must be laced with ambien or something. Our team also raised a lot of money for a great cause and we missed placing in the top ten family teams by only $50. Thanks again to everyone who participated or donated to Team Smallest Smykay!