Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Lake

Over Labor Day weekend Fletcher and I joined my family at our grandparents' cabin at the Lake. It is a very small three bedroom cabin, but growing up we used to pack it full of up to 10 adults and 10 kids, the latter sleeping side by side like sardines on the floor. This time it was just my immediate family, so Fletcher and I got a bed all to ourselves.

Being an overprotective mom to a baby with poor head control and an oral fixation, I was a little hesitant to bring Fletcher swimming in the lake, should he inadvertently, or rather intentionally, if he got his way, gulp a few mouthfuls of the water (fresh spring water it ain't). On Friday I even brought a blow up pool and hiked up and down the hill from the lake to the cabin to fill it with tap water. However, I am trying to give him as many typical kid experiences as possible, so on Saturday I relented.

Here he is in a boat borrowed from one of his aunts (thanks Niki!). It didn't offer great trunk support, but the baby float I usually use has a much lower profile and he can get his mouth way too close to the water.

Drying off with Grandma.

I like to call this one "Everyone Loves Angie."

Because I am just that mean, the highlight of the weekend had to be when my mom fell, fully clothed, into the lake when trying to board the paddle boat. Being a good sport she just swam over to the the ladder on the dock, climbed back up and tried again. Luckily Fletcher and I boarded safely on the first try and he loved it. Hopefully next time we make it down to the Lake Daddy won't have to work and he will be able to join us.